Writing a resume profile or summary is not a big deal if you know the basics of it. The first thing that you have to understand is what this particular part of a resume denotes. A Sous Chef resume summary is written for one prime purpose, and that is to encourage hiring managers to keep […]

Entry level positions such as that of prep chefs need a little more effort – resumes and cover letters prepared for these positions need to be in a league of their own. Why especially these? Well, let’s look at this way. When you are applying for a first job, it becomes more important to make […]

Grabbing an employer’s interest through a phrase (the resume objective) is not easy. After all, a dozen other people will be doing the same thing and at the same time. And these “others” might even be able to put things in a better perspective than you can. Know your limitations and then work around them. […]

There is very little that a prospective employer can judge about you if he does not have a list of skills in front of him. It can be made obvious from your achievements and experience that you are indeed a good contender for a position, but there is something missing in this equation. And that […]

You hire an executive chef to handle your restaurant’s kitchen, and you may never have to worry about anything again. Executive chefs are hired to handle the overall work of busy (and big) kitchens. They are managers of the kitchen and it is up to them to ensure that all kitchen work is properly coordinated […]

Successfully moving up the ladder in any given capacity is quite an achievement. However, this achievement does not help with the uncertainty that interviews bring. Whether you are being hired for a position internally, or for an entirely different organization, you will always feel a bit scared at the prospect of being interviewed. This is […]

Objectives give a proper shape to apprentice chef resumes. They provide a cover for many things – starting off an entry level resume without an objective may result in a prospective employer feeling that there is lack of structure. Also, you will find out that resume objectives provide an inkling into what the rest of […]