Position Overview A business services assistant is an administrative individual who performs a wide range of office duties and administrative tasks. This includes scheduling appointments, processing administrative documents, and handling billing, and manning the telephone lines. Needless to say, the work of a business services assistance is demanding to the highest degree. Educational Requirements To […]

First time resume writers almost always struggle with beginning their resumes. Lack of experience and professional exposure can be quite daunting at this point as you are unaware of what employers want. Ironically, it is at this stage that you must strive to make an impression. And you can only do that if you have […]

Going through a resume is a nerve-wracking job. And that is why most employers take just a few seconds to go through each resume on their desk. If they go through each one in detail to pick out the right one, they will be at it forever! But once a resume is picked out from […]

Unless there really is a lot to say in a business analyst resume, keep it short and informative. The main purpose of a resume is to market yourself, no matter which stage you are at. Entry level resumes are not all about education and experience – in fact, an entry level resume often does not […]

If you categorize the position of a business development officer, you will see that it cannot really be categorized under any one industry head. This is because business development officers work in all organizations that have a reason to build business – which is virtually every industry! So when we talk about a business development […]

Business architects are professionals who have a deep understanding of business process management theories and initiatives. They are an essential part of any organization that works along business change programs as they perform a variety of cross-functional processes such as supply change management and enterprise resource activities. Job Scope: Typically, business architects are hired to […]

Earning a business architect job interview is difficult these days, even for well qualified professionals. Since the job market is quite saturated, employers work on the 20 seconds rule while scanning through the hundreds of resumes they receive for a single job posting. 20 second rule literally means that the employer will scan your resume […]