Overview A Laboratory Clerk resume that is too long is a good resume. Right? Wrong! Resumes do not need to be long to impact a hiring manager. They have to be “to-the-point”. Here is a resume sample to show you what we mean:       Laboratory Clerk Resume Sample     Sharon Robinson 2 […]

A landscape architect resume without an objective is considered watery at best. Writing a resume and opting to leave out this section is not sensible. Since the resume is supposed to be a structured document, it should begin with an ice breaker, allowing the hiring manager to get to know what it is that you […]

The degree that you choose today determines what career you will be able to take up 4 or 5 years from now. So it is important to look towards the future to decide what you should be doing at this point in time. Pick and choose your study path carefully. But how does one know […]

The mere thought of public speaking can put many of us into premature stage fright! Imagine standing in front of a dozen or more people and giving a presentation. It is a nightmare for some of us, especially if we haven’t done it before. But even for people who have had considerable public speaking experience, […]

For many of us, deciding on which degree program to take up is difficult to say the least. There is so much to choose from especially if the undergraduate or graduate program, that we have completed, allows for multiple professions. However, what we want is not necessarily what is popular. While you may want to […]

Position Overview Content writers are professional who write compelling content on different topics. While most content writers write for web based applications like websites and blogs, they might take up a number of varying projects. While writing for content for the internet, they may manage discussion boards and blogs. Content writers also write and edit […]

Employers look for many things when scrutinizing a resume and interviewing a candidate. They look for qualification, education and the skills that make an individual work well within an organization. While education and qualifications are important, teamwork play an important part in making a candidate successful in a work place. There are many types of […]