Overview A resume is the sole document in a job application set that can be completely depended on to get you to the interview stage. This is because it is a comprehensive piece of writing. Use the following sample radiology aide resume as a template to write your own:         Radiology Aide […]

It shows in your resume if you are a skilled individual. But only if you bother to highlight the fact that you are. Lack of a skills section in a resume automatically translates into no skills – as far as hiring managers are concerned, that is. Why is so much emphasis placed on skills? Well, […]

Position Overview & Requirements A radiology aide is hired by hospitals and diagnostic facilities, where their main work is to provide support and assistance to the technical, medical and administrative staff. They are expected to perform many duties including setting up and calibrating radiology equipment, providing procedural education to patients, assisting them in preparing for […]

How does the thought of appearing for an interview make you feel? If anxious or a similar word is your answer, there must be one thing lacking – preparation. Interviews should excite you, not make you feel unhappy or scared. Appearing for a Radiology Aide interview may seem like a daunting thought, but if you […]

The more effort that you put into writing your cover letter, the more chances you will get to excel. Radiology Aide cover letters that are written simply for the sake of writing them, are never impressive. When you spend time and effort in creating a cover letter, it shows in what results it brings. Writing […]

Cover letters need to be tailored, that much is understood. But in order to tailor them, you have to make a certain amount of effort. Firstly, they should be addressed to the person who will be reading it. If you don’t know who is expected to read your cover letter, it is best to call […]

Position Overview The role of an environmental service aide falls under the broader category of hospital cleaners. These individuals are required to make sure that every nook and cranny of a health services facility is cleaned and sanitized in a perfect manner. Since working as an environmental service aide means that you will be doing […]