Being in an “interview situation” means being in a fix, especially if you haven’t really bothered to prepare for the event. When you receive an interview call for assistant account manager position, it is usually a rush-rush situation, giving you little time to do what you must do before appearing for one. Nonetheless, it is […]

The ability to communicate well is perhaps one of the most wanted traits by hiring managers. This is the prime reason for them wanting to read cover letters that demonstrate this ability. Cover letters are much more than simple accounts of what you have done in the past, and how you intend to contribute to […]

How do you measure up in your cover letter writing skills? Even if your answer is “not too well”, there really isn’t anything to worry about. There is so much advice available everywhere – you might have some difficulty picking up the right piece of advice to suit yourself though. Not to worry. There are […]

  A good resume sample for account coordinator position – that you find on the internet – might not be apt for you specifically. Be very careful when choosing a sample to base your own resume on. You have lived a different professional life than the person who wrote the sample – tweak it to […]

Choose any resume sample off the shelf. What is the first thing that you see after the applicant’s contact information? The resume objective! There is a strong reason for the objective to be placed high up on the resume. It matters. The purpose of an objective is to create a positive first impression while ensuring […]

The reason that there is such emphasis placed on the skills section in a resume is the fact that a skilled person does not require intensive training. Employers spend thousands of dollars and countless resources in preparing new employees for a job – and to develop their skills. If an applicant is already skilled, there […]

Position Overview An account associate is an individual hired to provide sales, marketing and logistical support to individual and corporate clients within an organization. Sometimes, they may be hired at the entry level – mostly, people with some experience are preferred for this job. To work as an account associate, a bachelor’s degree in business […]