The right type of resume will not just reach a hiring manager’s desk but will also bring you to it. Resumes may be tricky to write but once you have spent a decent amount of time on them, they bring great results.   Here is a sample to refer to:         Account […]

While it is actually recommended that you scan a few dozen cover letters before you sit down to write your own, copying verbatim is a complete no. When you write a cover letter, it should be “your own”, rather than the information picked up from half a dozen cover letter samples. Writing an Account Representative […]

Position Overview An account representative is an individual who handles a company’s client accounts to ensure provision of consistently excellent services to them. These individuals may work in any industry that caters to clients’ ongoing service and product needs, including financial and retail settings. The basic idea behind hiring an account representative is to make […]

When a hiring manager picks up a resume or a cover letter, his eyes automatically scan for phrases and statements that spell out “skills and abilities”. The fact that you are a professional is not known to a prospective employer until you put it in a plate and put the plate in front of him. […]

Is your interview date near? Are you in a state of absolute panic? Stop. Take a deep breath. And then continue reading this. Being scared of an interview indicates one thing – you are not prepared for it. What does one do in such a situation? One makes preparations to deal with the situation of […]

Being in an “interview situation” means being in a fix, especially if you haven’t really bothered to prepare for the event. When you receive an interview call for assistant account manager position, it is usually a rush-rush situation, giving you little time to do what you must do before appearing for one. Nonetheless, it is […]

The ability to communicate well is perhaps one of the most wanted traits by hiring managers. This is the prime reason for them wanting to read cover letters that demonstrate this ability. Cover letters are much more than simple accounts of what you have done in the past, and how you intend to contribute to […]