Restaurant Cashier Skills for Resume

Updated June 24, 2016

If you are applying for a restaurant cashier position, the first thing that you will be judged on is your skills to do the job. In a restaurant cashier position, you are doing much more than processing cash and credit card payments. You will be required to possess customer service skills to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.

But why are skills such an important part of being eligible for a cashier position? Actually, you will need to be skilled no matter which position you apply for. However, it is imperative to be especially hands-on in handling cash accurately and making sure that any problems are addressed immediately. Your skills need to be mentioned on your resume specifically so that the prospective employer is not uninformed of them and does not judge you from your experience only. A dedicated section on your resume should do the trick. Make your skills statements relevant to your cashiering experience and you will be able to help your case along.

There is very little difference between writing a statement that depicts what you have done in the past and how you have done it. It is the how part that you have to put in the resume. The employer will need to know how well you know your job as a cashier, before he decides that you are the right person for the job. And here is a list of restaurant cashier skills that you can choose from, provided they are relevant to your case specifically:

Restaurant Cashier Skills for Resume

• Hands-on experience in operating popular POS systems with special focus on operational accuracy
• Highly experienced in monitoring orders to ensure that they are delivered in a time-efficient manner
• Well-versed in processing cash, credit card and debit card payments and issuing receipts and tendering change
• Effectively able to listen to and resolve customers’ complaints by indulging in upselling activities
• Deeply familiar with adding taxes to menu prices and deducting discounts according to set standards and procedures
• Proficient in recording totaled amounts along with expenses, in the restaurant’s designated database
• Adept at assisting waiters and servers handle rush hour orders by ensuring that orders are prepared, packed and delivered on time
• Experienced in managing cash drawer balancing duties to ensure that any cash-related problems are kept at bay
• Qualified to create and keep reports of daily transactions and ensure that bank liaison is properly maintained
• Proven ability to create and maintain liaison with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely delivery of food supplies and auxiliary items