Interview Questions and Answers for Cashier

Updated on: July 16, 2016


Interviews translate into doomsday for many of us who are not well prepared for this huge event in our lives. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you prepare well in advance, the edge comes off before and during the interview.

The only tip that is worth anything where interviews are concerned, is to practice to make yourself perfect, and then go out there and show how good you are! Here is a set of interview questions and answers for a cashier position:


Cashier Interview Questions and Answers

What is your previous experience working as a cashier?
I have worked as a cashier in both retail and hospitality environments over the last 10 years. While most of the cashiering work is similar, auxiliary work varies. For instance, you have to act as a sales associate in a retail environment and sometimes as a food service worker in a hospitality environment. With exposure to these environments, I can handle both.

What specific skills do you think cashiers need in order to work well within this role?
Cashiers have to possess great attention to detail, along with exceptional knowledge of processing payments – both cash and credit card. Additionally, they need to be customer service-oriented and know the industry that they are specifically working for, so that they can do justice to additional work duties that they are entrusted with.

What do you know about retail work associated with a cashier’s position?
As I mentioned earlier, I have been actively involved in working as a first contact individual within a retail environment. Apart from greeting customers and processing their requests, I have been involved in inventory management and shelf stocking activities as well.

Why does a cashier have to be customer-oriented even if they have less contact with customers?
Cashiers are actually quite involved with customers. Even if it is just processing payments, it is important to be polite and accommodating as the last impression that a customer leaves with, plays a great role in them returning or not.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where were stumped because of a cashiering error?
There was a time when the cash drawer that I was handling would not tally. For 4 hours, I tried everything that I could to figure out why this was so, all in vain. Then, a coworker (also a cashier) walked over to me and apologized, saying that he was running short of change in his cash drawer so he “borrowed” change from mine, while I was away on my break.

A situation such as this must be quite annoying and alarming. What did you do to make sure that it does not transpire again?
To be honest, I was probably at fault. I should have locked down my station before I left. This wouldn’t have happened then.

As far as a store’s promotional activities are concerned, how active have you been?
During promotional activities, I assist marketing and merchandising teams by providing assistance in setting up displays, banners and promotional merchandise. I also indulge in suggestive selling activities while performing cashiering services, to increase revenue.

Tell us of a time when you had to deal with an irate customer. How did you handle the situation?
One of our regulars complained that he had not been tendered his change. I was quite sure that I had given him the change but he was adamant and got aggressive. My supervisor was called in and there was a lot of checking and balancing. All my accounts were straight so the supervisor asked the customer to check again. He got antsy again and delved into his back pocket to take his cell phone out to call the authorities – and discovered that he had accidently put the change I gave to him in his back pocket!

As far as cash station lockdown activities are concerned, what is your specific experience?
At the end of my shift, I make sure that I perform lockdown activities. This includes balancing the drawer, ensuring that all receipts are present and handling any discrepancies that may transpire.

What auxiliary cashiering services have you performed in the past?
Apart from processing cash and debit / credit card payments, I am experienced in handling returns, refunds and exchanges and redeeming coupons and stamps as well.

If you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to work as a cashier, bagger and a sales associate all together, how would you handle it?
While challenging, I am sure this is doable. I would make sure that I pick my pace up and respond to customers in an individual manner. I will of course recognize my limitations – handling more than one customer in a situation like this may not be too feasible.

What is your general reaction when faced with an adverse situation, especially when you are not in such a good mood yourself?
I practice restraint. Even if I am not in the best of moods, I will keep my peace when dealing with irate customers or untoward situations.