Drive Thru Cashier Job Description for Resume

Updated on: May 25, 2019

One of the most natural things to curb hunger, when you are on the go, is to grab a burger from a fast food chain.

The entire better if the fast food joint has a drive-thru!


With life being so busy nowadays, many people prefer taking out their orders rather than dining in.

The popularity of fast food chains such as Burger King, McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has always been high, but since they offer convenient drive-thru services, they are all the more popular in busy people.

When you enter a drive-thru of any fast food joint, you will see a couple of windows manned by the crew with specific responsibilities.

One of these is the cashier who often takes your order and handles transactions.


But there are a lot of other things that a drive-thru cashier does between taking orders and processing payments.


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Drive Thru Cashier Job Description for Resume

• Greet customers politely as they approach drive-thru window

• Ask customers for their specific order – listen carefully to what the customers are saying

• Answer any questions that the customers may have regarding the ingredients or availability of certain food items on the menu

• Provide information to customers regarding the day’s specials and any discounts that the organization may be offering

• Take orders for food and drinks and input them correctly into the database

• Repeat orders to ensure accuracy and ensure that any mistakes are immediately corrected

• Provide customers with payment information and take cash or process credit cards as a form of payment

• Return any change rendered to the customer after counting it out appropriately

• Hand customers their receipts and provide them with information on where to pick up the order (even when the customer is a regular)

• Assist food preparation staff in preparing, checking and packing food items keeping in mind the company’s specific instructions

• Ensure that condiments and napkins are packed with the order

• Tally orders with customers’ receipts

• Ensure that any discrepancies are handled immediately

• Hand customers their orders and thank them politely for choosing the service

• Tally cash register at the end of each shift and make sure that there is enough change left for the cashier on the next shift

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