Senior Caregiver Cover Letter Sample

Updated on July 31, 2019

Working as a senior caregiver is difficult, which is why when an individual is hired for the job, he or she is scrutinized highly.

When you write a cover letter to apply for the Senior Caregiver position, you have to aim at passing this scrutiny. And it is only possible to do so if you say all the right things.


Specifically, your Senior Caregiver cover letter should contain information regarding your knowledge of looking after geriatric patients.

Providing both physical and emotional care is necessary, which is why you will have to focus on your knowledge of both.

In order to work as a senior caregiver, you have to possess a certain personality, and you have to show the hiring manager that you are patient and empathetic when writing a cover letter.

If you have had previous training in this regard, you must mention it.


A cover letter sample for a senior caregiver is provided here for your reference:

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Senior Caregiver Cover Letter Sample


Bart Holmes
(000) 585-1123

July 31, 2019

Mr. Armand Fox
Human Resources Manager
Sava Senior Care
678 8th Avenue
New York City, NY 49021


Dear Mr. Fox:

I am writing to offer my services as a Senior Caregiver to Sava Senior Care, where I am sure that I will able to make a difference in more ways than one. I have worked as a caregiver for geriatric patients for 6+ years, and possess a sizeable experience in this area.  

Since I am an empathetic individual by nature, I take satisfaction in looking after senior patients and residents. I enjoy providing emotional care by talking patients through troubling times, and can effectively calm them down during instances of panic. Administering medication and ensuring the delivery of personal care is my forte.

Also, I am exceptionally talented in handling patients with dementia-related diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. In fact, many of my patients have been those who have dementia, and I have ensured that their comfort and care is made a priority. Moreover, I am a patient individual which makes it easy for me to handle even the most challenging situations with thoughtful care.

It would be great if we can meet in person so that I can further highlight my suitability for the job. I will contact your office after a few days to set up an interview. If you need to contact me, please call at (000) 585-1123.

Thank you for your consideration of me as a candidate for the Senior Caregiver position at Sava Senior Care.




Bart Holmes



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