Personal Support Worker Job Description for Resume

Updated June 30, 2020

A PSW or a personal support worker comes under the broader category of caregivers. They work both at people’s homes and care facilities – depending on the individual nature of their job.

As part of their responsibilities, personal support workers provide assistance to the elderly or people who may have special needs due to a disability or disease.

The exact work duties of a personal support worker depend on the prospective employer’s requirements. PSWs that work in adult care centers and assisted living facilities may have a job description that is slightly different from those working in nursing homes or private residences.

Educational Requirements

While most employers only require a high school graduate with CPR/First Aid certification, there are bachelor’s and master’s degrees available for people who want to pursue a career in this capacity.

Sample Job Description for Personal Support Worker Resume

• Comprehend care plans provided by families or healthcare administrators and determine ways to implement them effectively.

• Ensure that the care plan is followed appropriately and suggest any changes or alterations to the program after keen observation.

• Assist patients with ambulation and positioning and provide them support in bathing, toileting, dressing, and grooming.

• Ensure that patients’ food is prepared according to a specific healthcare plan and assist them in partaking their meals.

• Perform light housekeeping duties such as dusting, washing dishes, folding laundry.

• Change bed linens and ensure that any soiled linen is delivered to the laundry.

• Provide emotional support to distressed patients and provide them with companionship.

• Monitor changes in the patients’ behavior.

• Report any significant observations to families and healthcare providers.

• Provide informal counseling to patients in a bid to make them independent.

• Ensure patient dignity by keeping personal and medical information confidential.

• Create a clean, safe, and healthy environment for patients to help them thrive both physically and emotionally.

• Assist patients with both active and passive range of motions as per the care plan.

• Observe and document changes in patients’ behavior.

• Assist patients with medical administering and ensure that vitals such as blood pressure and temperature are recorded on a periodic basis.

• Recognize emergency situations and perform First Aid and CPR in dire circumstances.

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