Opting for a career change is not an easy decision and entry into the job market with a new career is even more difficult. Your job application and resume need to be furnished with an extraordinary cover letter, flaunting your transferrable skills.

The content and the transferable skills mentioned in a career change cover letter mainly depend on the type of career left and being joined. However, there is a general pattern or format for career change cover letters. These are very much like general cover letters, the main difference is that these mention your reason of career change, discuss less of irrelevant experience and focus more on transferable skills.

Following is a sample cover letter for career change from childcare services to teaching.


Sample Cover Letter for Career Change to Teaching


Carla Kinston
894 Rochester Ave | Roseville, MN 87443 | (004)222-6666 | carla @ email. com

February 22, 2014

Ms. Denise Richard
Daisy’s Elementary School
687 Literacy Lane
Roseville, MN 87443


Dear Ms. Richard:

I saw your advertisement in yesterday’s newspaper and am writing to apply for the position of Elementary School Teacher at Daisy’s Elementary School. I have had hands on experience in dealing with various elementary school aged kids during my four years of work as a child care professional.

Though I enjoyed my job a lot, with time I realized that my teaching skills were more effective and I was then drawn towards the teaching profession. This interest in teaching was strong enough to lead me on and pursue an elementary teaching diploma as well, which is due to be completed by end of this month. I was excited when I read the job requirements since I am in possession of many transferable skills you require for the teaching position. The same are highlighted below:

• Expertise in lesson delivery: Skilled in assisting kids with their homework and reinforcing the class lesson effectively.

• Knowledge of children’s psychosocial needs: Hands-on experience in dealing with kids of various ages, catering for their psychosocial needs.

• Ability to handle a group of kids: Well practiced in dealing a bunch of kids aged 3-6 years of age and ensuring their physical and mental well being.

• Understanding of regular child cognitive developmental milestones: I have covered three modules on developmental stages along with six case studies on cognitive development

Having stated my highly relevant to Elementary teaching capabilities, I enthusiastically foresee an opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss how I will be a valuable addition to your staff.

Hoping to get in touch with you soon, I thank you for your time.



Carla Kinston

Encl. Resume