5 Career Objective Examples for Aged Care

Updated on: July 8, 2020

People working in aged care facilities are very important as it is not the easiest of jobs. While personal care is difficult no matter what age your ward is, caring for old people is especially so as there are some mental and physical health issues involved.

Aged care workers work in a variety of settings that may include private homes, sanitariums, and aged care facilities. Whatever their work setting is, they are expected to perform a number of duties. Form the very basic grooming and toileting help to the complicated emotional support; aged care workers provide it all.

They are specially trained in managing people which special needs to if the ward is unable to move from the bed, an aged care worker is expected to provide toileting and bathing services in bed. Some aged care workers may also be trained to provide essential medical services like medicine administering.

If you are looking for a position as an aged care worker, the following career objective examples may help you start your resume for aged care position.

Aged Care Resume Objective Examples

1. Looking for an Aged Care Worker position with Sava Senior Care utilizing 2+ years’ hands-on experience in looking after the basic and advanced needs of the older adults.

2. Seeking a position as an Aged Care Worker at Senior Sanitarium using a rare combination of compassion and aged care training to take care of residents in the most careful way.

3. Desire an Aged Care Worker position with Helping Hands. Offering sympathy and understanding in managing the care needs of the residents and assisting them in leading an esteemed life.

4. To work for Houston Care Agency as an Aged Care Worker providing residents with the benefit of medical training and care skills to assist them with leading successful and decorous life.

5. To obtain employment as an Aged Care Worker at Rainbow People to help residents with managing the day to day activities in a dignified manner and providing them with emotional support.