Residential Care Worker Resume Sample 2

Updated on July 8, 2015

It is true that targeted resumes for residential care worker position outperform generic ones by a three-planet radius but there are some instances where generic resumes rule. Customized resumes may be impractical for wide distribution such as at job fairs and social media. In these circumstances, you are basically shooting an arrow in the dark and a targeted resume will never hit the target.

In all other circumstances, targeted resumes rule. Even though it takes more time to create a targeted resume, it is important to understand that the time that you invest is little compared to the payback that you will receive. A targeted resume for a residential care worker is given below for your reference:

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Residential Care Worker Resume Sample


Tyler Loman

78 Palmwood Street ● Lufkin, TX 35201 ● (000) 123-1029 ● tyler @ email . com

Residential Care Worker

Performance Profile: Honest, reliable individual who always strives to deliver a high standard of personal care services as part of a residential care plan. Sociable personality with deep knowledge of providing physical care to patients and teaching daily living skills. Demonstrated ability to provide professional care to patients with the view to ensure their physical and emotional wellbeing. First-hand experience of implementing therapeutic interventions and behavior management strategies.
• Documented success in constructively working with families to ensure provision of a high level of care
• Knowledge of promoting safe environment for patients and facilitating them in and out of residential care programs


• Child and adolescent development• Emotional needs support
• Emergency services supervision• Challenging behavior management
• Personal care and counseling• Sensitivity
• Empathetic approach• Relationship building
• Logistical support• Teamwork

• Implemented a series of residential care plans, designed to encourage personal skill development of patients through teaching and talking
• Held 5 educational seminars of “self-esteem building” which was part of a rigorous residential care worker training program
• Transited 55 young adults out of the residential care program, following provision of exceptional support services
• Introduced “Social Sobriety”, a program to support people in social situations to learn to feel comfortable and confident with others


Jacobson Behavioral Healthcare, Lufkin, TX | 6/2012 to Present
Residential Care Worker
• Check notes on assigned resident to determine special needs and care
• Provide physical care such as bathing, toileting, grooming and dressing
• Ascertain that residents’ meals are prepared in accordance to their health allowances and preferences
• Provide one on one counseling services to residents to ensure their emotional and mental wellbeing
• Teach daily living skills such as shopping and budgeting
• Assist residents in running errands such as shopping
• Provide assistance in claiming benefits by educating them on their rights and who to contact
• Help residents in overcoming problems with dependencies and assist them in becoming independent
• Give medication reminders and assist in partaking meals
• Liaise with families to provide them with information on dealing with residents
• Work with healthcare professionals to ensure provision of optimum physical and emotional care
• Ascertain that the environment that residents are living in is safe
• Implement placement plans and ensure that it progresses appropriately
• Facilitate and participate in planned social, educational and leisure activities
• Observe residents for signs of distress and report findings immediately

The Rainbow People, Lufkin, TX | 1/2011 to 5/2012
• Assisted residents in handling tasks of daily living such as bathing, toileting, washing and dressing
• Prepared health-appropriate food in accordance to each resident’s meal plan
• Ascertain a safe and care environment for residents
• Provide companionship and counsel residents according to their health plan
• Conduct assessments and ensure that any significant findings are communicated to healthcare professionals
• Provide physical assistance such as help with moving from one place to another

High School Diploma | CITY SCHOOL, Lufkin, TX | 2008

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