Pet Care Resume Sample and Writing Guide

Updated on: June 24, 2020

A pet care assistant’s resume should essentially provide a hiring manager with information on what the individual is capable of doing.

For instance, the experience section should highlight the individual’s ability to handle the overall care of pets.

Similarly, your skills in observing the appearance of pets, and their general wellbeing should be part of your resume.

Maintaining pet housing areas is another area that you should highlight when writing your resume.

In addition, you must focus on your experience in cleaning up after pets and ensuring that they are fed and walked as per set schedules.

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Here is a sample pet care resume which you can use as a base for your own:

Pet Care Resume Example

Rita Ohara
59 Peterson Road, Albany, NY 47268
(00) 193-0937

Skilled individual, with a solid love for animals, and an inherent ability to handle a pets’ specific physical and emotional requirements. Demonstrated ability to cleaning cages, and maintaining sanitization of pet areas. Familiar with walking pets such as cats and dogs on set routes, and determining signs of discomfort or illness.


  1. Disease Control
  2. Emotional Wellbeing
  3. Bathing and Grooming
  4. Walking and Exercising
  5. Cage Cleaning
  6. Pet Area Sanitization
  7. Basic Animal Care

• Singlehandedly managed care of 3 dogs of the same household by providing well-placed care to all of them.
• Implemented a unique bathing and grooming system, as a result, decreased care time by 25%.
• Recognized behavioral problems in a pet cat, hence, proved invaluable in providing immediate intervention.


Pet Care Attendant
Pets R Us, Albany, NY
3/2017 – Present
• Connect with pets by petting them, and talking to them in a soothing manner
• Comprehend pets’ routines such as feeding, grooming, bathing, and exercise
• Feed food specifically outlined for each pet, ensuring that they partake it properly
• Bathe and groom pets, in order to ensure that they remain clean and presentable at all times
• Clean cages, and other pet areas, ensuring proper sanitization and maintenance
• Accompany pets to vet visits, and assist in calming them down during vaccinations, and check-ups

Kennel Assistant
Doggie Shelter, Albany, NY
2/2009 – 3/2017
• Cleaned and sanitized kennels and ensured that waste was properly disposed of
• Explained adoption procedures to adopters, and ensured they understood processes
• Assisted in the bathing and grooming of pets on a regular basis
• Washed and disinfected kennel runs, cages, and other areas within the facility

High School Diploma
Albany High School, Albany, NY – 2009

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