Sample Duties for Home Daycare Resume

Updated: March 23, 2022

Individuals providing home daycare services are difficult to come by.

While some may argue that they are a dime a dozen, dependable daycare personnel are difficult to find.

Caregivers who provide services at home fall into a few different categories; they may be responsible for children, the elderly, and even pets!

While daycare for pets may differ a little in its job responsibilities, daycare aides are responsible for quite some things when providing care to humans.

For instance, a child may have different needs than an older person will.

Let us provide you with overall information on the description of home daycare personnel.

The following list of duties will give you a better idea of what this job entails in terms of work duties.

Home Daycare Resume Duties and Responsibilities

• Look after children and the elderly in terms of physical and mental stimulation

• Prepare and serve meals and snacks to children and bottle-feed infants

• Oversee and take part in outdoor activities

• Oversee lunch and snack preparation activities

• Provide physical assistance in managing mobility

• Administer medication as and when required

• Change diapers and wash linen if required

• Ensure the safety of children and premise

• Change the diapers of infants and toilet train toddlers

• Implement a curriculum that helps children to learn good habits

• Create programs for children’s physical activity and playtime

• Help children develop emotionally and physically

• Create and maintain records of children’s progress

• Help children with homework and read bedtime stories

• Provide entertainment in terms of stories or movies depending on the ward’s choice

• Maintain an orderly, attractive, and positive learning environment while ensuring proper child care

• Clean and dust the house and perform basic housekeeping if required

• Support the social development of children

• Discipline children in keeping with the demands of the parents

• Take children to doctor’s appointments

• Handle emergency situations calmly and professionally