A cover letter for Child Care Assistant position is the most important part your of job application. There are a number of reasons for that. The most important being the fact that it tell an employer what kind of attributes and skills the applicant possess – without actually meeting them and even before looking at a resume.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that always include a customized cover letter with your Child Care Assistant Resume; it will not only leave a good impression but will make your application document complete.

The following example will give you the basic idea how to start.


Child Care Assistant Cover Letter Sample


352 Portland Street
Falls Church, VA 32212

June 21, 2015

Mr. William Cutlass
Inova Health System
32 Some Street
Falls Church, VA 54411


Dear Mr. Cutlass:

My extensive experience in child care arena, excellent communication skills and current CPR certification makes me great contender for the position of Child Care Assistant at Inova Health System.

Through 3 years’ progressive experience, I have had acquired a number of skills pertinent to child care job. For instance, I love developing curriculum and implementing them as appropriate to the children involved. I have also had the opportunity of staying with children on camps for weeks which has instilled in me the ability and experience to look after their needs including preparing meals and handling their hygiene needs.

I always enjoy the company of children and understand how important child care activities are. My experience has taught me that children need to be looked after properly at every stage in their daily routine. In fact, how we take care of them today decides how their tomorrow is going to shape.

As a reliable and hardworking Child Care Assistant, I would like an opportunity to meet with you and discuss this position further. I will call you after few days to follow up on my application. During the time in between, you may contact me on my cellular phone at (002) 666-7888.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Sally Carrera

Enc. Resume