Best 16 Skills Statements to Use in a Barista Resume

Updated on: August 8, 2020
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Barista is an Italian term for someone who prepares and serves beverages (typically coffee) in a cafe or food service establishments.

Since a considerable percentage of Americans take coffee regularly, many coffee shops need the services of skilled and specialized baristas who can provide their customers with the best coffee services.

A barista needs to understand different coffee blends, prepare coffee, and serve them in a manner conducive to exceptional customer services.

When applying for a barista job, many candidates depend highly on their skills and capabilities. Mentioning these skills on a resume can be difficult for some candidates.

In this situation, you should list down your relevant skills and information on how you could use these skills to contribute to the prospective cafe.

So how would a candidate for a barista position list their skills and qualifications in a resume? See the sample bullets below to get a better idea.

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Sample Skills for Barista Resume

  1. Deeply familiar with coffee blends and their origins.
  2. Adept at using condiments in coffee blends and prepare coffee according to customers’ instructions.
  3. Exceptional people skills aimed at providing the highest quality of customer service.
  4. Well versed in frothing and steaming milk in appropriate ways to make good quality blends.
  5. Demonstrated ability to use coffee tampers correctly to ensure uniform extractions.
  6. Proficient in adjusting coffee grinders appropriately.
  7. Solid background in calibrating shot sizes correctly and setting up blend machinery to reproduce shots effectively.
  8. Hands-on experience in roasting and grinding coffee beans.
  9. Effectively provides customers with information on different types of coffee blends and their ingredients.
  10. Proven record of handling coffee and other supplies by ensuring proper inventory levels.
  11. Exceptional time management skills targeted at providing customers with on-time orders.
  12. Excellent attention to detail aimed at ensuring that orders are accurate.
  13. Proven ability to perform preventative and general maintenance on coffee bar equipment.
  14. Exceptional talent for adhering to recipe policies of the company.
  15. Qualified to handle payments and work on cash registers.
  16. Known for providing exceptional hospitality service to ensure recurring business and customer retention.

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