Top 10 Barista Qualifications for Resume

Updated: April 13, 2021

Working in a restaurant or coffee shop requires exceptional hospitality and customer service skills. To let the prospective employer know that you have the right qualifications as a barista, you will have to place them on your resume strategically.

The qualifications section in a barista resume is given a lot of attention by employers who are looking to hire the right person. The absence of a qualifications section may hurt your candidacy. Do not take this risk and pay particular attention to them.

Why qualifications are important to mention?

Because you cannot perform a job well if you lacks the required qualifications.

Are qualifications more important than experience?

You cannot compare qualifications with experiences. They are both important in their way. Work experiences are a must-have in resumes – everyone supplies this information. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about qualifications statements. People often forget to include a qualifications section that is equally important.

Here is a list of qualifications for a barista position that you may want to look through to determine how you can write them on a barista resume:

10 Qualifications to Include in a Barista Resume

  1. Hands-on experience in coffee grinding and brewing following set recipes and standards
  2. Highly skilled in anticipating the customers’ needs for coffee and food items and fulfilling them in an accurate and immediate fashion
  3. Proficient in creating special coffee drinks such as lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos
  4. Adept at operating and maintaining dedicated coffee making and brewing equipment
  5. Demonstrated ability to determine the difference between coffee beans
  6. Focused on creating delicious and flavorful combinations of coffee while maintaining the highest quality of coffee blends
  7. Proven ability to educate customers about different coffee blending methods and providing them with suggestions according to their taste
  8. Understanding of coffee regions and differences in flavor and blends
  9. Skilled in maintaining a calm demeanor during periods of high customer volume by ensuring consistent customer service
  10. Exceptional attention to detail and hand-eye coordination