Retail Buyer Resume Example

Updated August 17, 2017

Deciding which format to use when writing a Retail Buyer resume is one of the most difficult things to do.

But once you have figured out which one to use, you cannot go wrong with it.


You may use the following format to build your own resume:




Retail Buyer Resume Sample



Tina Bowler

702 Back Lake Road, Pittsburg, NH 65002
(000) 324-2469
tina.bow @ email . com


“I work effectively under pressure with great attention to detail in tight deadlines.”

Performance Profile
Client-focused and organized Retail Buyer with 8 years of extensive experience in supporting wholesale businesses and working closely with professionals to ideate best product offerings to effectively reach sales metrics. Ability to ensure that the right merchandise is at the right place, and at the right time. Thorough comprehension of the needs, wants and expectations of customers.

Efficiently develops seasonal department merchandising strategies based on customers’ expectations. Dependable with hands-on experience in negotiating exclusive offerings, terms, pricing, vendor-funded markdowns, and drop ship programs.

Professional Skills

✓ Product Selection ✓ Product Development
✓ Retail Buying Strategies ✓ Brand Integration
✓ Incremental Sales ✓ Inventory Management
✓ Competition Management ✓ Items Selection
✓ Vendor Setup ✓ Merchandising Plan
✓ Negotiation ✓ Buying Plans Revision



Retail Buyer
Balenciaga, Pittsburg, NH | 6/2010 – Present
• Analyze consumer buying patterns and predicting future trends.
• Review performance indicators including sales and discount levels.
• Identify customer preferences and evaluate supplier options in accordance with prices and quality.
• Purchase new products and ensure that quality and popularity of those already on shelves.
• Negotiate terms of agreement to achieve best deals for companies, and ensure timely delivery of products.
• Create and maintain trust relationships with suppliers to ensure that fair dealings are ensured.
• Develop seasonal department merchandise strategies, and identify and select key items.
• Integrate brands, sourcing, marketing, tech and services, and retail supply chain supply functions.

Selected Achievements
• Successfully predicted consumer buying patterns, and devised correlating buying plans.
• Increased sales by 65% by putting in place a series of foolproof retail buying programs.

Assistant Retail Buyer
Hallmark, Pittsburg, NH| 2/2009 – 5/2010
• Assist retail buyers in selecting merchandise, placing orders and distributing inventory.
• Manage and reorder processes to ensure consistent flow of products at all times.
• Oversee the tracking of all deliveries to ensure consistent flow of goods, and coordinate with warehouses for inbound deliveries.
• Negotiate with vendors on pricing as it relates to late deliveries and shipment issues.
• Coordinate with retail accounting staff on all credits, returns and payment of invoices.

Selected Achievements
• Decreased cost of acquiring retail products bringing onboard a less expensive but quality vendor.
• Led a retail marketing campaign, which was considered the most successful of its kind.

North Hampshire State University, Pittsburg, NH – 2009
Associate’s Degree in Retail Management