A buyer is a person working for a company who buys all the things that the company sells. If you want to be a buyer, you will have to first review all the old merchandise, and then see what you should continue buying and what you should change. You will have to negotiate prices and see to it that the vendors deliver on time, and monitor changes in the market for the products your company sells. You will also keep looking for new, better vendors but at the same time make sure that the old vendors are in a good relationship with your company. Besides, you will require attending seminars and trade shows etc., and keeping an eye out for what the competition is doing. Over and above, you will need to have good communication skills, be a good negotiator, and be able to work under pressure.

An objective statement on a Buyer resume can assist you get a quicker look from a hiring manager. Time and again, the person screening resumes will have several positions that need to be filled. If it isn’t clear what your goals are, the employer or hiring manager may throw away your resume without considering your credentials.

Buyer Resume Objective Examples

• People-oriented professional looking for a position as a Buyer with Neiman Marcus. Offers exceptional skills in selecting the finest and most distinctive product that meets the high standards of quality and best suits the requirements of company.

• Seeking a position as Buyer at Walmart utilizing experience in merchandising and budgeting to contribute to the work processes within the company.

• Looking for a position as Buyer with Sherriff’s Cutlery. Offering special skills in acquisition and contracting of specified materials, supplies, equipment and services.

• To obtain a position as Buyer at Irene’s General Stores. Bringing strong expertise in product research, bids and proposals management, and information evaluation to minimize costs and maximize profits.

• Looking for a position as Buyer at Jemma’s Design using merchandising and budgeting experience along with proficiency in buying procedures to orchestrate accumulation techniques.