Garment Merchandiser Skills for Resume

Updated July 21, 2017

If anything is an asset when you are seeking the job of your dreams, it is the skills set that you possess.

Experience and education can sometimes be overlooked if an individual is skilled enough to do the job.

Regardless of the position for which you are applying, your skills set needs to be apt – if you are applying for a managerial position, your leadership skills must be exceptional. And so on!

Why are we placing so much emphasis on skills?

Well, it is important for hiring managers to know that you are at least partly trained before they hire you. This “training” refers to the inherent abilities that you possess, making you a great contender for the job for which you have applied.

If you haven’t yet gone back in time and collected data about how you developed your skills, it is time to do it now. Look back and see what special abilities you were able to use to perform certain tasks.

Once you have a list of skills that are particular to you, you must take out the ones that are particular to the position that you are applying for. Matching what you have to offer with what the hiring manager is looking for is what will make your skills set spot on.

Here are some sample statements that you can use to highlight your skills when applying for a garment merchandiser position:


Sample Skills for Garment Merchandiser Resume


• Demonstrated ability to assist brand managers in creating and implementing strategically apt seasonal merchandising plans

• Highly skilled in executing seasonal merchandising processes, ensuring timely execution at each stage

• Hands-on experience in researching and bringing to market fresh, trend-appropriate assortments that meet customers’ needs and drive sales

• First-hand experience in implementing merchandising strategies and assortment plans to achieve the right balance of key items

• Proven ability to analyze product performance, market conditions and feedback from customers and vendors

• Track record of efficiently updating product assortments and identifying and suggesting opportunities based on analysis

• Competent in partnering with different departmental professional such as design, production and sales teams to ensure on-time execution and delivery of goods

• Qualified to identify quality and technical issues, and provide viable solutions to minimize production and delivery downtime

• Skilled in communicating and following up with both internal and external constituents globally, such as vendors, licensors and customers, to assist with problem resolutions as necessary

• Proficient in creating and maintaining all product level data for garments’ lifecycles, product set up to deletion from product lines