Top 6 Sample Objectives for MBA Student

Updated: October 3, 2022

First-time resume writers almost always struggle with beginning their resumes. Lack of experience and professional exposure can be quite daunting at this point, as you are unaware of what employers want.

Ironically, it is at this stage that you must strive to make an impression. And you can only do that if you have a thorough understanding of what works.

What works is your confidence. If you do not have confidence in yourself, you cannot expect a prospective employer to believe in you.

Show that you are confident by writing a resume objective statement that is poised and assertive, detailing your suitability for the job.

Each position, that you apply for, needs to have a customized resume, with a unique resume objective statement.

As far as an MBA student’s resume objective is concerned, it needs to be short, concise, and informative. The use of power verbs is imperative if you want the reader to see you for what you are – a good match for the position for which they are seeking a professional.

Convincing the reader that you are everything and more that he is looking for is important when writing a resume objective.

Since most people opt to use an objective when they apply for a first job, this becomes even more important to write perfectly.

Here are some samples of resume objectives for an MBA student:

Sample Objectives for MBA Students

1. Seeking a position as a Marketing Officer at Social Tables. Bringing strong knowledge gained from projects in determining customers’ requirements and providing them with correlating services while upholding the company’s professional image.

2. Dedicated and passionate MBA student looking for a Sales Internship at Morrison and Foerster. Offering exceptionally well-developed skills in providing tier-1 customer services, with the aim of ensuring return business.

3. Methodical business professional, seeking a position as a Human Resources Intern at Special Olympics International. Offering an MBA Degree in Marketing. Deep insight into interviewing and inducting new employees along with ensuring coordination of training activities.

4. Recent business graduate, eager to obtain a position as an Administrative Assistant with Megaport. Bringing well-developed organizational and communication skills to ensure operational smoothness.

5. To work as a Telemarketer at Points Bazaar applying exceptional skills in creating powerful leads and performing follow-up duties to convert people’s interest in business opportunities.

6. Seeking a Management Trainee position at Copart to utilize exceptional know-how in offering solutions to aid and facilitate a unique customer service experience. Track record of working in collaboration with team members to ensure smooth processes.