Horticulturists work with plants and flowers and are usually employed by facilities that boast of huge green areas. They are required to possess excellent knowledge of irrigation systems and plants.

Employers looking to hire a horticulturist will only be convinced they see “green” potential in a candidate.

Let us see how a candidate can convince an employer through a cover letter to hire them.



Horticulturist Cover Letter Sample


8901 Day Road
Lockport, NY 66663

May 12, 2016

Mr. Andrew Wilson
Director Human Resources
City of Lockport
553 Elzey Avenue
Lockport, NY 73635

Re: Horticulturist (Position ID 2145)

Dear Mr. Wilson:

I am interested in obtaining the position of a Horticulturist at the City of Lockport. With my hands-on experience in planting, pruning, fertilization and documented success in maintaining planting areas, I am positive that I am the best candidate for this job.

As specified in the enclosed resume, I have strong understanding of both horticultural and floricultural practices. I possess a profound knowledge of the techniques that are used to manage different equipment for this job. Since I have worked extensively in this field, I developed expertise recognizing and fixing problems associated with pests, soil compaction and extreme weather.

I am very excited at the thought of working with the City of Lockport and will call you after few days to set up a meeting so we can discuss this position in detail. Additionally, I will be available at (000) 222-2662 if you need to contact me before that.

Thank you for your precious time and kind consideration.



Eric Baldwin

Enc. Resume