Sample Skills for Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Updated on: November 13, 2019

Do you have any idea what makes employers salivate with excitement when they see a medical billing and coding resume?

The answer is the mention of skills. Every employer looks for an employee who has a set of skills that matches the job description exactly. And if an exact match is not possible, the closest win brownie points.


Some job skills are universally sought by employers, such as organization, interpersonal abilities, communication, and leadership.

The rest are job-specific and are extremely important because they help employees perform their job duties properly.

So neither employee nor employer can do without them. Once you understand what these skills are, you can work on brushing them up or obtaining additional training to polish them.

And mentioning these skills effectively on your resume is essential because no matter how many social media profiles or blog posts that a prospective employer comes across, your resume still remains the basic document through which your talent will be judged. Therefore the skills section on your resume is what matters most.


So whether it was a volunteer position, a project, parenting, a hobby, a sport or a previous job in which you obtained a particular skill, it is important to mention it. 

Here are a few sample skills for a medical billing and coding specialist that can be mentioned on a resume:

Sample Skills for Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

• Working knowledge of ICD-9 and ICD-10 and OASIS

• Excellent skills in reviewing delinquent accounts and creating avenues for overdue payments

• Demonstrated expertise in translating medical procedures into codes that can be easily translated by payers and medical facilities

• Proficient in appropriately and confidentially handling patient treatment, diagnosis, and procedural information

• Well-versed in investigating rejected claims and ensuring that they are resubmitted and paid

• Special talent for investigating insurance fraud and determining ways to counter/avoid sticky situations

• Skilled in verifying and completing charge information in company defined databases

• Familiar with documentation needs (and manners of obtaining them) for insurance claims submission and approval

• Able to work efficiently with external collection agencies to ensure maximization of reimbursement

• Particularly effective in handling appeals for denials by employing exceptional knowledge of carriers and appeal processes

• Special talent for increasing reimbursements by investigating denied claims and providing alternatives to denials