Medical Billing and Coding Objective Statements

April 6, 2019

Medical billers and coders are an essential part of the healthcare system in the USA as they handle billing information so that healthcare professionals can do their jobs efficiently.

People, who are not too keen on spending too much time and money in training to be a doctor but would still like to be associated with the trade, can train as medical billers or coders.


Medical billers and coders are certified people who assign proper codes to procedures performed by doctors and manage billing activities. Since healthcare is an emerging industry, job prospects for both medical billers and coders are excellent and many people apply for jobs in this regard.

Since competition is fierce, candidates for this position need to ensure that all their selling points are portrayed well in a resume, especially in the objective statement.

Your objective should be specific, measurable, achievable and realistic. Remember to keep it simple and to the point.



Look at some potent and workable medical billing and coding objective statements.


Objective Statements for Medical Billing and Coding Resume

• To obtain employment as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist utilizing knowledge of medical terminology, insurance policies and extensive experience in CPT and ICD-9 coding arena.

• Looking for a Medical Coder position with Core Solutions where I may be able to use my knowledge of diagnosis and procedure coding to orchestrate smooth flow of operations.

• Seeking a Medical Coder position with Medic Sols using excellence in translating codes into insurance company specific coding systems.

• Desire a position as a Medical Biller at MBS. Offering acute knowledge of bookkeeping techniques in sync with medical terminology to manage the billing system effectively.

• To work as a Medical Biller for Cutting Edge Solutions. Offering profound knowledge of hospital, federal and state billing procedures and regulations.

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