Bartender / Server Cover Letter Sample

Updated on April 24, 2016


One cover letter for bartender/server position is more or less the same as another one – that is the general consensus when employers receive dozens of cover letters that say nothing different. Employers are bored now. They need something truly inspiring to stimulate their taste buds where bartender / server cover letters are concerned. The deed is up to you as a candidate to perform. When you provide cover letters that are dull and ordinary, you are actually reducing your own chances of success. With a little effort, you too can write a cover letter that hits the spot.

You may get help from the following sample to make a perfect cover letter for bartender/server position.


Bartender / Server Cover Letter Sample


Trisha Baker
325 Pine Street North
Billings, MT 20254
(000) 120-7473
Trisha @ email . com

April 24, 2016

Mr. Jose King
Restaurant Manager
Yard House
2700 Billy Casper Road
Billings, MT 24563


Dear Mr. King:

Working as a bartender at Yard House is probably an extremely challenging thing to do, owing to the fact that the restaurant caters to over 350 customers in a day! But you will be pleased to know that I am qualified enough to not just take the load, but also increase this number by at least a hundred.

As a seasoned bartender with over 8 years of experience under my belt, I offer the following:

• Familiar with all popular beverages and cocktail recipes
• Exceptionally well-versed in mixing and garnishing prior to bar opening times
• Highly experienced in determining patrons’ specific requirements and suggestively selling beverages to enhance their experience
• Solid track record of efficiently setting up bar services and closing down the bar appropriately

My present place of work recently gained popularity due to the potent cocktail that I concocted (coined Trisha’s Best), resulting in a colossal increase in customers. I would like to do something similar for Yard House as well. Let’s talk soon. I will call you next week to set up an interview date and time. You may reach me at (000) 120-7473 if you need to get in touch with me before we get a chance to meet.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Trisha Baker

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