Bartender Cover Letter Sample

Updated on June 16, 2019

Position Overview

Bartenders mix and serve drinks, food, and beverages in keeping with the procedures and guidelines provided by the employer.

They are expected to provide extraordinary service to guests by following all security regulations and policies.


Bartender Cover Letter Writing Tips

• Do not write any negative or passive words in your cover letter, for instance; ‘I think,’ ‘although,’ and ‘however’ and alike.

• Highlight your bartending skills and qualifications. Mention the creative ideas and benefits you will bring to the prospective organization.

• Make bullet statements about your unique abilities, and expand the information concisely by giving relevant examples.

• Close your letter using a proactive approach by mentioning your follow-up actions and asking for an interview date.

Take a look at the following examples to make a compelling cover letter for bartender resume.


Bartender Cover Letter Logo


Bartender Cover Letter Sample 1


Sally Brown
51 5th Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 65222
(000) 252-0987

May 3, 2019

Ms. Alina Jones
Senior Manager HR
McCormick & Schmick’s
524 Some West Street
Pittsburgh, PA 61213


Dear Ms. Jones:

As a passionate Bartender who has current TIPS Certification and extensive experience in the hospitality industry, I am eager to leverage my bartending expertise to contribute to your bottom-line. I offer excellent communication and customer service skills, a high degree of enthusiasm, and the ability to work independently.

Based on your job description, the following are some highlights of my talents, which uniquely qualifies me:

  • Highly skilled in providing exceptional service to guests by mixing and serving beverages.
  • Thorough understanding of different kinds of food and beverages and their prices.
  • Ability to display drinks attractively.
  • Known to maintain the sanitation and safety standards of bar, equipment and work area.
  • Competent at entering the orders in point of sale system, charging guests for purchases, and collecting payments and returning change.

The bartending positions I held in the past three years at different bars and hotels have given me many opportunities to develop a strong ability to manage the overall operations of a busy bar.

As an active and resourceful Bartender, I would like to meet with you to discuss how my qualifications complement your needs. I will call you next week to follow-up and arrange an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my job application for a bartender at McCormick & Schmick’s.



Sally Brown

(000) 252-0987


Bartender Cover Letter Sample (Email Version)


Email Subject: Self-motivated Bartender (Application Letter)


Dear Mr. Mines:

  • Are you looking for a results-driven, and confident bartender who is committed to providing exceptional customer service?
  • Is your bar needs to boost profits through a significant increase in returning patrons?

If yes, then I am your next Bartender.

I offer vast experience in mixing and serving beverages as well as dealing with people of different backgrounds. Utilizing my strong communication and hospitality skills, I’d be able to increase the revenue of your bar to a new level.

Delivering high-quality customer service and bringing exceptional results is my forte. While I am a team player, I can also work alone to handle rush hours efficiently.

My core competencies include:

  • Able to handle angry guests while maintaining the order of bar.
  • Demonstrated ability to ensure compliance with state rules and regulations.
  • Talented in prioritizing tasks within the bar.
  • Adept at mixing and presenting drinks, maintaining inventory and handling cash.

I’d like to meet with you in an interview in order to discuss my potential, which can bring your bar to the new heights of success. Thank you very much for your consideration.



Jason Lovato
(099) 141-7474

Attachment: Resume

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