Bartender Achievements for Resume

Updated on March 5, 2018

Bartending is quite an old profession and bartenders were initially also owners of public houses.

In the past, their job was not just to mix and serve drinks; they also produced the liquor that they served.

However, in recent time, bartenders usually just mix and sell beverages. People who work as bartenders typically do so as fun although some people take this work very seriously and make this a long-term career.

Apart from mixing and selling beverages, bartenders are also expected to deal with rowdy customers and manage adverse situations brought on by angry customers. At times, they may have to refuse service and call in the bouncer or police to deal with a particularly antagonistic situation.

Bartenders keep track of customers’ tabs to ensure that proper billing is maintained. Contrary to the popular belief that a bartender’s position cannot lead to career advancement, many bartenders are promoted to head bartenders and managers who control the overall operations of a bar, especially in a hotel environment.

Bartenders usually obtain training on the job. However, it is essential to know your “mixes” when you apply for this position. Some people go through professional bartending classes as some states require licenses for bartenders to qualify for work.

When applying for a bartending position, you have to maximize your chances of employment by specifying some of your achievements. Here is a list of accomplishments to give you an idea how to write achievements for bartending resume.

Sample Achievements for a Bartender Resume

• Introduced a unique mix of beverages which gained immense popularity and engendered a high number of new customers.

• Reorganized bar area which resulted in 20% increase in overall efficiency.

• Reduced operating costs by $40000 through the introduction of fresh food and drinks service ideas.

• Improved customer base by engaging in friendly chat with patrons and ensuring recurring business.

• Handled angry customers with tact and delicacy without letting the situation disrupt the flow of bar operations.

• Served 150 customers in a busy hour with absolute accuracy for which a bonus was offered.

• Promoted a new drink named Pink Flower which brought in a profit of $1500 in one night.

• Arranged beverages in a compelling style, which resulted in appreciation letter from the bar owner.

• Revamped the cash-in system by implementing a “pay cash in advance” system thereby ensuring that no payments remain pending.