Barback Skills for Resume

Updated: July 4, 2017

Your skills say a lot about what you have been doing all your professional life. If you have managed to develop and build up on your skills during the time that you have worked or trained for a job, there is a great chance of you being asked to come in for an interview, especially if you have mentioned these skills in a resume.

If you are a skilled barback but have not bothered to build up on them in a resume, you have actually risked quite a lot where a new job is concerned.

One of the main reasons that any employer picks up a resume is to see what skills an applicant has. If the applicant is great in a certain area that the employer wants him or her to be, the match will be something that the employer is looking forward to exploring further. And since impressing a hiring manager with all that you have to offer is the motivation behind writing a resume, it is best to concentrate on how skilled you are.

You may ask yourself at this point if all the other sections in a resume are not as important as the skills one. The answer is that they are – but since your skills are what gel other parts of your resume together, it is best to concentrate on them first. Here is a list of skills statements that you can use on a resume for a barback position:


Sample Skills for Barback Resume


• Demonstrated ability to set up bars by appropriate placement of glassware and snack bowls

• Actively arranges for liquor, water and juices to be made available at the bar during business hours

• Coordinates efforts between store rooms and the front end to ensure consistent availability of supplies

• Deep familiarity with ensuring that bars are properly stocked with paper products, straws, stirrers, condiments and ice

• Proven ability to efficiently transport taps and replace and perform routine maintenance on beer kegs

• Especially talented in maintaining cleanliness and sanitization of bar areas, beer lockers, refrigerators and storage areas

• Exceptionally well-versed in cutting, slicing and peeling garnishes and fruits, and mixing and pouring juices in sufficient amounts according to projected business

• Adept at welcoming patrons to the bar counter, and ensuring that they receive responsive, professional and gracious services at all times

• Proficient in helping run food and beverage items to tables, and communicating with kitchen staff to ensure on-time delivery of orders