Resume Objectives for Bank Job

Updated on April 3, 2018

‘Objective versus Summary’ is a hot discussion going on these days on various resume writing forums. Most modern resume specialists recommend replacing your career objective with a modern performance summary.

Since some employers still like to see an objectives section on resumes, experts suggest swapping the stale and conventional resume statement with a profile summary that also fulfills the purpose of an objective.

If you are convinced that your bank job resume needs to have an objectives section then do formulate it. Converting it into a branded statement of your candidacy isn’t impossible! All you need to do is go through some relevant samples and use your common sense.

As you redo the objective statement keep in mind that its purpose of existence has now evolved. Unlike a decade ago, when the objective was meant to reflect the candidate’s desires and expectations of an ideal job, the objective these days reflects what the candidate can do for the employer. These are called employer-centered objectives and are very popular nowadays.

Following are some resume objectives for a bank job for your guidance.

Sample Resume Objectives for Bank Job

It is advisable to write a separate, customized and tailored objective for each position you apply for. This practice will enable you to come up with a more specific objective, enhancing your chances of nailing an interview. If your resume’s qualifications section is stronger and you want the employer’s focus on that section, then it is best to stick with one-liner objective. For example:

• To work with The Bank of America in the capacity of a teller. Offering expertise in customer service, cash handling, and reconciliation.

• Energetic banking professional seeking work in the bank operations field. Bringing hands-on experience in providing cash services, handling daily branch operations and implementing protocols.

• To work for Bank of America’s operations department as a cashier. Expert in handling accounts payable, receivable and loan/lease handling.

Sometimes, a summary-like objective works better instead of plain, old-fashioned objective statements. If you decide on this kind of format for your objective statement, make sure you make maximum use of power words and adjectives to introduce yourself. Remember, this section is the first one the employer will see regarding you. An ordinary objective is just not acceptable.

• Dependable, self-reliant bank teller seeking work in a similar capacity with ABC Bank. Offers 4+ years of firsthand experience in branch banking coupled with matchless customer service skills and credit card coordination services

• Seasoned and well-experienced bank teller, looking for work with the Bank of America in a similar capacity. Core competencies include:

– Auditing– Cashiering– Balancing
– Account Opening– Services Sales– Team Leading

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