Bakery Manager Job Description for Resume

Updated on: May 11, 2021
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You know those wonderful pastries and treats that you see in a bakery display window? Impressed with the baker?

Sure, he or she must have made a huge effort to make them look and taste like a piece of heaven, but there is one more person who needs to be appreciated for this. The bakery manager!


Well, the baker bakes the goods and hands them over to the staff working at the front end of the bakery.

After this, it is the job of the bakery manager to make sure that the items are properly stored until they are sold, or displayed in an attractive manner.

A bakery manager is responsible for making sure that the bakery is run smoothly and that any logistics are handled properly so that they do not hamper the business. It is also the responsibility of a bakery manager to make sure that all front end and back end staff members are working as per schedule, and that any special orders are handled on a priority basis.

Working as a bakery manager means that you will need to possess great insight into food production and handling procedures. Ensuring that sanitization procedures are properly carried out and managing food rotation activities will be all in a day’s work for you. Other duties that you will be performing in this area include:

Sample Job Description for Bakery Manager Resume

• Ensure timely opening and closing of the bakery in accordance with set timetables.
• Create and implement staff schedules to ensure that all staff members are working properly and are stationed appropriately.
• Oversee the work of bakers and food preparers to ensure that they are properly following standards of hygiene and sanitation.
• Supervise frontend employees to ensure high-quality services to bakery patrons and new customers.
• Greet customers as they enter the bakery and assist them in choosing bakery products.
• Ascertain that chosen bakery products are properly packed or wrapped according to the specifications of the customers.
• Handle bakery display management work to ensure that all products are aesthetically placed in display boxes.
• Oversee the training of bakery staff members and assist the higher management in performing HR functions to hire additional staff.
• Control the ordering of ingredients and packaging from suppliers and vendors to ensure supply and storage consistency.
• Handle food waste by properly recording and monitoring its passage, and ensuring that it is kept away from food products and utensils.
• Ensure that the kitchen areas are left clean and tidy at the end of each shift, by following proper cleaning and sanitization protocols.