Top 5 Babysitter Resume Profile and Summary Statements

Updated February 21, 2021
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Babysitters or nannies are usually hired in a personal capacity by parents who may be unable to look after their children due to work commitments. They are also hired by agencies who take their services to work in private homes. 

Babysitters perform many childcare and parents’ help duties. They should be experts in handling the needs of children of diverse ages and backgrounds.

When writing a babysitter resume, it is essential to determine the needs of the prospective employer and tailor your profile or performance summary accordingly.

An excellent way to start is by looking at the following sample professional summary or profile statements to add in a babysitter resume.

Sample Profile and Summary Statements for a Babysitter Resume

1. Child-focused and energetic Babysitter with 2+ years’ hands-on experience in performing infant and toddler care tasks. Inherent love for infants and children. Excellently able to prepare age-appropriate food and bottle-feed infants according to schedules. CPR Certified.

2. Caring and nurturing individual with a verifiable track record of caring for children from infancy to 10 years. Well-versed in preparing toddlers for preschool and assisting older children with homework. Ability to prepare snacks and cook food in keeping with the nutritional needs of children of different ages. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

3. An enthusiastic and productive childcare professional with 6+ years of experience working as a Babysitter for toddlers and infants. Demonstrated ability to handle both the emotional and educational demands of young minds. A great talent to respond to emergency situations quickly and professionally.

4. Mature Babysitter with a strong background in handling young adults by engaging them in interactive activities and nurturing their creativity and enthusiasm. Considerable experience in fulfilling the nutritional needs of children by cooking proper and timely-placed meals. A fun individual who helps children to perform their homework and creates appropriate activities for them.

5. Ambitious Babysitter with a keen ability to provide the best childcare based on the individual child’s personality, age, and circumstances. Known for handling young adults with special needs by planning out well-paced educational activities and teaching them social skills. Possess a great sense of humor.

Babysitter Job Description

Specific work duties depend on the ages of children that they are supposed to provide care for.

For instance, a babysitter given the responsibility of an infant or toddler may have to change diapers, engage them in activities and also cook for them, and feed them.

For older children, babysitters will provide supervision and company during the time that their parents are away.

Babysitter Job Requirements

People who work as babysitters need to have an inherent love for children and a knack for handling them.

It may seem that looking after infants is easy, but in actuality, infants are the most demanding as they need to be constantly supervised and provided with intensive care at all times.

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