Abilities of a Babysitter

Updated January 11, 2022
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It is an incredibly daunting decision for parents to leave their children with a babysitter but at times this is inevitable as the need to balance family and work demands this.

A babysitter is someone who looks after a child in the absence of his or her parents.

Since a babysitter holds the responsibility of grooming and well-being of someone else child in her hands, she needs to be very responsible and absolutely in charge at all times.

Babysitters are often chosen very carefully because of this reason alone.

Babysitters are required to look after his or her ward’s well-being in terms of feeding, clothing, general welfare, safety, and entertainment. In short, babysitters need to be a parent in the absence thereof.

Reiterating the fact that babysitters need to be extremely responsible for their ward and actions, there are some skills and abilities that they need to possess before they can be hired for a particular job.

Let us what some of these abilities might be. These statements can be used effectively to make a babysitter’s resume.

Abilities of a Babysitter

• Highly skilled in organizing and participating in daily activities of children
• Functional knowledge of providing emergency support and CPR.
• Demonstrated ability to care for newborns, infants, and toddlers.
• Skilled in diaper changing and toilet training.
• Talented in preparing formulas, making nutritious meals, and bottle-feeding.
• Proven ability to engage children in creative and learning activities.
• Able to tend to the emotional well-being of children.
• Particularly effective in organizing children’s activities such as games and trips for children.
• Known for maintaining a safe and healthy environment in and outside the home.
• Proficient in keeping records of daily activities of children.
• Educating children in personal hygiene and social manners.
• Capable of disciplining children as per the methods requested by the parents.
• Able to perform simple household activities efficiently.
• Bilingual: English and Spanish.
• Good sense of humor and playfulness.
• Excellent ability to figure out when to draw a line.
• Familiar with SIDS-safe practices.