Cover Letter for Babysitting Resume


A good babysitter cover letter for can help you create an excellent first impression on prospective employers, therefore, increases the chance of an interview.

In fact, it gives you a chance to show your enthusiasm to work for a specific employer and draw attention to your childcare skills and experiences.

The following cover letter sample will help you craft a good job application package for a babysitting position.



Sample Cover Letter for a Babysitter Resume



Anna Parker
25 North Street
Austin, TX 21447
(000) 253-9449
anna.parker @ email . com

February 22, 2018

Ms. Allison Doe
Personnel Manager
Austin Care
254 Some SW Street
Austin, TX 27587


Dear Ms. Doe:

I am applying for a Babysitter position currently available at Austin Care. Utilizing my inborn love for children and hands-on experiences in childhood development and nourishment, I would be able to bring a significant change in the emotional and physical wellbeing children.

I have a successful track record of working with kids of four different families through which I developed exceptional child care and needs management expertise. I am well versed in taking care of children between the ages of 8 months to 6 years.

Specifically, I am very competent in:

✓ Meal and snacks preparation and serving, and bottle-feeding infants.
✓ Bathing, dressing and toilet-train children.
✓ Preparing children for school and helping them with homework and leisure activities.
✓ Tidying up child’s bedroom and playroom.
✓ Keeping a vigilant eye on the children’s activities and organizing their leisure activities.
✓ Traveling with the host family if necessary.

My exceptional stamina and emotional power to deal with difficult children is commended by employers many times. Necessary to mention, I live a vigorous smoke-free and drug-free way of life.

As a reliable and enthusiastic Babysitter, I would welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss your needs and my qualities and skills which will be beneficial for children under my supervision. I will call you next week to follow-up on my job application.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.




Anna Parker
(000) 253-9449
Attached: Anna_Best_Babysitter_Resume.doc

Tip: Rename your resume to (Your Name)_Best_Babysitter_Resume when sending as an attachment. It will set you apart from others.

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