Babysitting is a favorite job for numerous teenage girls. Individuals having younger brothers or sisters develop babysitting skills naturally.

A babysitter generally looks after children of a particular family for a small number of hours whilst the parents are at work or away. A babysitter might require preparing meal for the children and finding age appropriate methods to keep them amused. The key to being a successful babysitter is to keep the children protected and amused in ways that must be other than watching TV or movies.

Following are a number of skills for a babysitter resume or CV. These phrases might be included in the skills, qualifications, capabilities or strengths section of a babysitter resume.


Sample Skills for Babysitter Resume


• Adept at supervising and caring for children in the absence of parents or regular caregiver

• Highly skilled in diaper-changing and bottle-feeding

• Proven ability to control the activities of children efficiently

• Documented success in handling emergency situations efficiently

• Skilled in playing games and engaging children in educational activities

• Profound ability to bathe, dress and feed infants and children

• Special talent to organize activities such as games and outings to provide fun and exercise

• Competent at performing housekeeping duties

• Proficient in cooking meals for children as per employer’s instructions

• Ability to act quickly and stay calm in medical emergencies

• Profound patience when dealing with children

• Good sense of humor and playfulness

• Basic computer skills including MS Word and MS Excel

• First Aid and CPR Certified

• Good communication and interpersonal skills

• Very professional approach towards babysitting and parents help work

• Honest in maintaining family budgets, accounts and bills

• Adaptable to the varying needs of children

• Great problem-solver who is able to discipline children in keeping with the demands of parents

• Extremely dependable to care for home and children in the absence of parents

• Demonstrated ability to organize family parties and events

• Fully energized to monitor activities of kids during rest periods and meals

• Motivated to take care of lawn and pets when needed

• Passionate to maintain the cleanliness of house and kitchen

• Self-confident with a neat appearance and positive attitude