Food Attendant Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated: November 28, 2021
Food Attendant Job Description

Food attendants are an important part of the food service and hospitality industries.

In some work environments, they perform a lot of the duties of a standard waiter.

In others, they are required to handle an entire myriad of activities related to food preparation and serving.

One of the main jobs of a food attendant is to ensure that all food supplies, including condiments and ingredients, are available in the kitchen, prior to the opening of the establishment.

They may also be required to oversee the operations of catering facilities, depending on their specific job description.

Job Duties for Food Attendant Resume

  • Look through food order slips to determine which food items have been ordered by the customer.
  • Ensure that the right items have been placed on serving trays by thoroughly examining them.
  • Maintain inventories of food supplies including ingredients and condiments and ensure that any low stock items are immediately procured.
  • Monitor ingredient distribution within the kitchen area to ensure that the right item is delivered to the right person.
  • Oversee food rotation activities and ensure that any expired items are immediately discarded.
  • Set up attractive food displays on tables and trays and assist in the proper set up of dining areas.
  • Greet customers and take and record their orders for food and beverage items.
  • Assist kitchen staff in preparing orders by handling garnishing and portioning duties.
  • Provide support in setting up buffet tables and monitor food levels to ensure a constant supply.
  • Maintain adequate supplies of items such as trays and glassware and ensure that the condiments station is properly stocked.
  • Deliver customers’ orders to their tables and fill ice and beverage glasses.
  • Clean and polish counters, shelves, and furniture in accordance with the restaurant’s specific procedures of cleaning and sanitation.
Food Attendant Position Requirements

Working as a food attendant requires you to possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very minimum, with some exposure to food-related activities within a food service establishment.

If you are well-organized, can communicate well, and have the ability to provide exceptional customer services, working as a food attendant maybe just down your alley.