Purchasing Associate Cover Letter Sample and Guide

Updated December 13, 2020
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Purchasing Associate cover letters may be a window to the next step in your career, but they can easily backfire if they are not dealt with properly.

A cover letter is a means of communication, and unless your communication skills (written) are excellent, you cannot do justice to it.

But that does not mean that people whose written communication skills aren’t good cannot write a good cover letter. It is just a matter of determining what a hiring manager considers well-written.

As purchasing associate cover letter writing goes, you have to be exceptional at eliciting information regarding your capabilities in a professional capacity.

It does not matter what your experience is – if you are skilled, mentioning it in your resume will bring you another step closer to employment gain.

When you fill-up your cover letter with this type of information, you are automatically highlighted as the best person to hire for a job.

A cover letter sample for a purchasing associate is provided below for your reference:

Purchasing Associate Cover Letter Example

December 13, 2020

Mr. William Hawk
Human Resource Manager
Badger Mining Company
5 E 44th Street
New York, NY25462

Dear Mr. Hawk:

Your advertisement highlights the fact that you are seeking the services of a committed purchasing associate. With over 3 years of dedicated experience in this capacity, I am confident that I am the right person to be considered for this position, as I will require minimal training resources.

Purchasing both inventories and non-inventory items, including service orders, and managing suppliers is where my strengths are most proficient. As a purchasing associate, I have been proactively working closely with requisitioning departments and personnel to coordinate delivery schedules, provide order information, schedule meetings, and arrange returns. My ability to independently resolve invoice discrepancies, and expedite deliveries is exceptional, as is my capability to obtain pricing and availability information from different sources.

Owing to the fact that I am an exceptionally well-organized individual, I can efficiently, and without much effort, research and handle a variety of issues including order statuses, and purchase order tracking. Also, I have been working in this capacity with such dedication that I am now considered the guru of purchasing in my present place of work.

Meeting with me in person will provide you with a greater view of my experience and qualifications for a purchasing associate job at your organization. I will call soon to arrange a meeting.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Ian Manning

(000) 251-9901