Virtual Assistant Job Description for Resume

Updated on November 28, 2015

Position Overview

Hiring virtual assistants provides employers with an opportunity to save costs – and that is why they are being hired by the dozens now. Companies prefer to hire people who can work remotely to handle their administrative needs – this saves office space and the operational costs of hiring and training one who will spend nine hours in an office environment.

So, what is it that virtual assistants do that is so great? Virtual assistants work from the comfort of their homes, often providing administrative and customer service support to their online clients. They may be hired by different types of companies and the job description could be anything that the company wants. The ten most popular things that can be outsourced to a virtual assistant include:

1. Bookkeeping
2. Online research
3. Database entries
4. Data presentations
5. Email management
6. Social tasks
7. Travel research
8. Scheduling
9. Chasing business

But there are many more things that a virtual assistant may be assigned, depending on the company’s needs and the skills and qualifications of the virtual assistant. There are some important skills that virtual assistants need to possess if they want to work at this position. Apart from having a reliable Internet connection, a working personal computer and great typing skills, virtual assistants need to be organized and well-equipped in handling diverse jobs.

A virtual assistant will perform some or all of the following duties listed below:

Job Description for Virtual Assistant Resume

• Handle correspondence and emails by proactively replying to them
• Resolve support tickets by ensuring that they are responded to in a time efficient manner
• Organize schedules and appointments and handle follow up duties
• Manage online and offline promotional activities for the client business
• Communicate with suppliers, vendors and customers to provide specifications and handle orders
• Perform light bookkeeping activities such as creating electronic records of receipts and payments
• Set up meetings and transcribe minuets of the meeting recorded at the venue
• Translate bilingual materials and ensure that they are available to the right personnel
• Process customers’ inquiries over company chat rooms, telephones and email
• Write, edit and proofread articles and blogs and ensure that any press releases are informational and accurate
• Perform online research work and derive important information according to provided project specifications
• Develop and maintain websites and blogs and ensure that they are marketed properly to increase company presence
• Set up and update social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter in a bid to increase people’s interest in the company and its services and products