Training Assistant Resume Sample

Updated October 31, 2016


Keywords, keywords, keywords. What are keywords? These are the words a hiring manager puts in a training assistant job advertisement describing the kind of person he or she wants for the training assistant job. These keywords are very carefully chosen, and because of that you can do a trick or two when you’re writing your resume for training assistant position.

The trick is, use the same keywords in a training assistant resume that the hiring manager used. If you do this, the hiring manager will automatically think that you are the right candidate for job, and call you for an interview.


Training Assistant Resume Sample


Janice Rand

77 Heritage Drive | Madison, TN 77823 | (000) 623-8547 ● janice.rand @ email . com


Performance Profile/Performance Summary
• Well-qualified Training Assistant with a proven track record of providing training support to departments within a company, as well as liaising with contracting agencies.
• Hands-on experience in supporting the delivery system by compiling and writing reports as well as maintaining records
• Proficient at coordinating training events as well as other events like workshops and conferences
• Skilled at instigating pioneering strategies in training which help in keeping the company up-to-date


• Documentation • Media Liaison • Instructional Enhancement
• Sessions Coordination • Record-keeping • Training Management
• Recruiter Liaison • Strategy Development • Catering Management
• Instructional Material • Budget Handling • Event Management

• Successfully introduced innovative teacher training strategies that resulted in improving teacher efficiency by 54%
• Designed new, innovative promotional material which improved marketing campaigns by 45%
• Organized a global company workshop on teacher training which resulted in the parent company’s training strategies reaching its branches on all continents
• Worked on a contracting agency’s budget which helped the agency identify an embezzler who was later prosecuted


TEACHING AID CENTER, Madison, TN (5/2014 to Present)
Training Assistant

• Instigate innovative training strategies with a view to improving overall company performance
• Develop policies and rules, then training materials such as manuals as well as promotional materials
• Organize and coordinate workshops as well as other events like conferences
• Provide overall administrative help to departments such as human resources
• Write press releases and liaise with print media to ensure publication, and with electronic media to guarantee their involvement in our events
• Compile and write weekly and monthly training reports

SOME COMPANY, Madison, TN (3/2013 to 5/2014)
Training Assistant
• Liaised with contracting agency personnel and provided customer service
• Carried out budgetary services for the company as well as agency members
• Hired trainers according to needs of the company as well as those of contracting agencies
• Ensured that employees were given regular training and relevant information
• Kept a calendar of activities and training sessions conducted by the company

TEACHERS’ TRAINING INSTITUTE, Madison, TN (1/2009 to 3/2013)
Training Aide

• Liaised with print and electronic media to ensure coverage of company’s events
• Maintained a calendar of company training sessions
• Assisted in selecting training strategies, and in introducing new types of training modules
• Helped compile and write weekly and monthly reports
• Aided in managing company events by coordinating logistics such as catering and venue booking

High School Diploma – 2008