As one of the most challenging jobs nowadays, the position of a personal assistant is a force to reckon with! There is so much that this position encompasses that it is difficult to pinpoint every single task that is the responsibility of a person working at this position.

Generally, personal assistants provide one-on-one based support to executives or higher management within a company. Also known as executive secretaries, personal assistants devise and maintain office systems and handle executives’ travel and dictation needs. They may also screen calls and make appointments on their behalf and ensure that work diaries are maintained at all times. Personal assistants also handle research work for executives and may even be required to create presentations.

Significance of Cover Letter for Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant Cover letters play a vital role in helping you obtain interview. It is a very important tool in marketing your overall candidacy to prospective employers. Remember, hiring managers often use cover letters to evaluate your written communication skills.

A person applying for a personal assistant position can take ideas from the following cover letter sample on how he or she can write an effective one.

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Personal Assistant Cover Letter Sample


Courtney Anderson

792 W Long Road, Littleton, CO 72382
(210) 000-1111, Anderson @ email . com

December 6, 2013

Mr. Jack Harper
Manager Human Resources
Zale Corporation
227 Mineral Avenue
Littleton, CO 63791


Dear Mr. Harper:

Owing to the fact that I am an experienced and committed professional, I am seeking to position myself with an organization that is innovative and possesses a great capacity for growth. I believe that Zale Corporation fits this description perfectly which is the prime reason for me applying as a Personal Assistant at your company.

Five years ago, I was promoted to a personal assistant position following a brief stint at an internship in the same company. Let me quote from my job offer letter:

Your persistence in providing the management with high quality administrative services has been a great decision maker in offering you this position. We have seen the quality of your work and we are impressed. Defying the company policy that each intern needs to spend at least six months before he or she can be considered for a full time position, we offer you a full time job as a personal assistant.

It is the experience and thoroughness of nature that I would like to bring to your organization by employing exceptional tact in supporting board level executives. Diary management and proposal documentation are my strongest points and during the time I have spent working as a personal assistant, I was trained to handle other tasks associated with this work such as light bookkeeping and handling social media channels. If you refer to the enclosed letter of recommendation, you will find that words such as “dependable” and “farsighted” have been used to define my personality.

Mr. Harper, I am confident that my passion for this work will be a great contributor to Zale Corporation’s growth and operational sustainability. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you the position of a personal assistant and how I could fit into it. I will call your office on Monday to see when a meeting can be arranged.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Courtney Anderson

Courtney Anderson

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