Community Assistants usually work in an academic setting. Their are required to facilitate growth (personal and academic) in resident students by being a role model for them. This is not an easy job which is why community assistants are screened carefully before they are hired.

If you are looking for a position as a community assistant, you need to create an effective resume for this position. The following resume for Community Assistant job is specifically designed to grab the attention of employer.


Community Assistant Resume Sample


Midge Mason

691 Yellowstone Road, Cheyenne, WY 12309
(009) 974-4449, Email


A position as a Community Assistant for Nashville University utilizing well-developed organizational skills and the ability to become a positive role model in order to facilitate students’ academic growth.


• Over six years’ experience as a Community Assistant
• Highly skilled in providing students with an environment highly conducive to learning
• Hands on experience in mediating conflicts
• In depth knowledge of the importance of maintaining regular contact with resident students
• Proficient in promoting and demonstrating respect for all students
• Computer – MS Office Suite and MS Project, able to learn new software quickly
• Bilingual – English and Spanish


• Organized seven sponsored programs for students in order to encourage student participation in community programs
• Built a series of orientation programs for new students in order to orchestrate smooth induction


Broadward College – Cheyenne, WY                                      June 2006 – Aug 2012

Community Assistant
• Assisted new students with adjustment issues
• Encouraged student participation in university programs
• Supported the goals and expectations of the university mission statement
• Remained available to resident students all day
• Provided a positive role model for students
• Utilized feedback to improve performance
• Helped students regarding social, personal and academic concerns
• Assisted students in mediating conflicts


Cheyenne High School – Cheyenne, WY | 2005


• Ability to understand basic instructions
• Excellent people and communication skills
• Exceptional ability to work under pressure
• Able to meet tight deadlines