Generally, there are several types of clinic assistants, who carry out tasks to confirm that the operation of medical facilities runs efficiently and professionally. Among them are those who specially take care of basic clinical tasks. These health experts are known as clinical medical assistants.

A cover letter is an important part of a clinic assistant job application whether required by a prospective employer or not.

Take a look on the following cover letter for clinic assistant resume in order to make your own.


Clinic Assistant Cover Letter Example


454 Example East Street
Lexington, MA 84177

July 10, 2015

Ms. Julie Andrew
Senior Manager (HR)
Lahey Clinic
584 Some Street
Lexington, MA 87747


Dear Ms. Andrew:

Anna Michael suggested I contact you regarding the Clinic Assistant position available at Lahey Clinic. I am inspired to pursue my clinical interests at Lahey Clinic due to its reputation as a prominent clinic of the Lexington area. Utilizing my exceptional clinical skills and six months’ of internship experience with the Lexington City Clinic, I am certain that I will become a key member of Lahey Clinic’s team.

During my education and internship, I have acquired strong knowledge of taking vital signs of patients, conducting in-office screening tests, collecting and arranging specimens to send to diagnostic laboratories, and recording remedial histories. In addition, I can also handle other relevant tasks, for example; preparing and managing medications, applying bandages, taking electrocardiograms and X-rays, maintaining investigative rooms, and procuring and stocking medical apparatus. I can work well independently as well as under the supervision of lead nurses or physicians. The enclosed resume provides the completer details about my specific clinical skills and expertise.

As a fresh and passionate Clinic Assistant, I would welcome the chance to meet with you and discuss how my education, experience and skills would be beneficial for Lahey Clinic. I can be reached at (999) 999-9019 or via email at [Email Address] in order to plan a meeting time that will best match your schedule. Additionally, I will contact you by phone next week to follow-up.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



John Smith

Enc. Resume

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