Unicef Cover Letter Sample

Updated on January 17, 2020

Working for UNICEF is many people’s dream job. But in order to obtain a position, you have to write an impressive cover letter.

Depending on which position you are applying for, you should highlight your skills and abilities in that role.


It is important to remember that your cover letter should precisely and completely provide information on your relevant skills and organizational abilities, knowledge of project management, and insight into deliverables.

By reading this, the hiring manager will be able to gauge that you are an excellent individual to hire, as he or she will compare your professional profile with other candidates.

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One thing that you must remember is that the cover letter has to be excellent where the language is concerned. That said, use professional words and phrases.


Unicef Cover Letter Example



Jacob Albert
(000) 320-9942

January 17, 2020

Mr. David Bough
Human Resources Manager
39 Balt Road
San Antonio, TX 38742


Dear Mr. Bough:

When I read your ad for a Project Officer position at UNICEF, I was surprised at the perfect alignment between my qualifications and your requirements. This led me to further explore this opportunity.

As can be seen on the attached resume, I am exceptionally skilled in performing project management and support activities. Precisely, my qualifications include:

• Proficient in providing a range of support services, such as reports preparation and resource coordination
• Highly skilled in preparing and maintaining project documentation
• Knowledge of sourcing, collating, and compiling data to identify emerging issues
• Hands-on experience in tracking and reporting on project progress against established milestones
• In-depth knowledge of undertaking research and analysis, and identifying trends
• Expert in managing and facilitating flow of essential information among company members
• Well-versed in stablishing quantitative staffing models used by strategy owners to inform resource requests
• Qualified to provide cross-foundation analytics to senior management

Apart from the above-mentioned qualifications, I offer the ability to provide operational support to project staff and consultants. Moreover, I am skilled in implementing procurement systems, and performance management processes. My previous employers recognized me as a team player with a ‘can-do’ attitude.

It would be a pleasure to meet with you in person so that I can highlight my suitability for a Project Officer job at UNICEF in detail. Thank you for your consideration.




Jacob Albert


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