Shop Manager Job Description and Duties

Updated on: January 8, 2021
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Shop Manager Job Description

A shop manager has a very important job. He or she is tasked with ensuring that the shop they are assigned to runs smoothly.

Working as a shop manager is a great responsibility. You have to be vigilant at all times, as shop security is also part of your work.

You will need to create and maintain relationships with sales and marketing staff in order to ensure the implementation of sales and marketing strategies. And you will be handling staff scheduling and training work as well.

Typically, a high school diploma or equivalent is sufficient to work as a shop manager, as long as you have the skills to run one.

However, a degree in business may be given high consideration. As a shop manager, your main duty will be to ensure that the shop assigned to you runs smoothly in terms of customer services and sales.

To be considered eligible to work as a shop manager, you have to possess a wide array of skills, such as leadership abilities, and organizational capabilities.

Here is what you will be doing on a typical work day:

Shop Manager Duties and Responsibilities

• Interview, recruit, train, and oversee the work of shop staff members.

• Create schedules for each staff members, as well as for backup slots.

• Assist sales and marketing teams in creating and implementing strategies for customer outreach and retention.

• Achieve financial objectives by preparing annual budgets.

• Schedule expenditures, and analyze variances according to set procedures.

• Create pricing policies, and have them approved by the management.

• Deal with issues such as customer dissatisfactions and complaints.

• Verse inventory and stock control.

• Create and maintain effective liaison with vendors and suppliers.

• Assist customers by providing the right advice regarding purchases.

• Create and implement the shop’s security policies in order to ensure the safety of people and goods.

• Perform merchandising tasks.

• Motivate teams in order to help them make additional sales and reach targets.

• Forecast future sales.

• Conduct appraisals and performance reviews.

• Organize special promotions and offers.

• Monitor all floors to ensure that all work processes are being carried out according to instructions.

• Track sales and monitor business metrics to increase add-ons and full price sales.

• Schedule safety inspections.

• Handle loss prevention tasks.

• Oversee housekeeping tasks to ensure cleanliness and neatness of the shop.

• Perform market research in order to work competitively.

• Maintain financial records of the shop.

• Prepare promotional materials in conjunction with sales and promotion teams.


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