Even though the method of resigning from a nanny position is the similar to any other job, particular considerations have to be taken into account.

Because of the fact that many nannies live with the family which they work, the connection with the employer tends to be more personal and special as compared to any other job. Therefore, nannies should give plenty of advance notice when resigning to minimize sad feelings.

Take a look at the following steps to understand the resignation process of nanny.

1. Notice Period
Decide how much notice you will give. As a rule of thumb, you should give between two to four weeks’ notice when resigning from a nanny job. This gives the time to company or parents to find alternate childcare professional before your leave. Mention your last date at your workplace. Personal feelings and statements can be added if preferred, but we suggest to keep your resignation letter short and to-the-point.

2. Printing
Always print out the letter on white paper, and sign before your name in the end. A hand written letter is also good.

3. Time of Resignation
Decide on the most excellent time to resign. Do not leave your job in the early morning, when everyone is trying to go to work or school. Wait until a good time arrive such as evening or early night when the employer is relaxed able to hear you with concentration.

4. Resign Verbally
Initially, verbally convey your intention to resign to your employer. Afterwards, give a formal nanny resignation letter to the employer. Make certain that family/employer is aware of your last date of work. Ask employer how s/he would handle final pay arrangements.

5. Last Day
On the final day of work, return all belongings to the family, for instance car keys, house keys, credit cards, toys and any other child care items.