How Academic Role has Changed in this Pandemic

Updated on: September 26, 2020

All industries have changed drastically since COVID-19 hit the world. But nothing evolved more than the education industry.

From standard education based on in-class systems to all classes being held online, the academic role has changed dramatically.

Immediate Effects of Covid-19

With the virus spreading rapidly all around the globe, decision-makers decided to shut down all educational institutes in order to ensure the safety of their students, staff members, and teachers.

This impacted the overall way in which education was seen – no education meant that the next generation will have little or nothing to contribute socially, or economically.

Immediate Solution (Online Classes)

However, many educational institutes opted for online education. This was not the perfect solution, but it did help students somewhat.

With online classes, they could at least keep up with their studies, even if they could not do it within an organized classroom environment.

Pros and Cons of Online Classes

There are many pros and cons to this though. The pros include studying in a risk-free environment primarily, and not having to miss important concepts because of a disease.

The cons are many – staying indoors all day, with extensive exposure to technology is hardly something that these students envisioned their 2020 to be. It is harmful to their health, to say the least, but perhaps, it is the lesser of the two evils.

How Academic Role has Changed 

The education system all around the world has been nudged and pushed to a change that no one fathomed would come. Centuries-old lecture-based methodologies unfortunately do not work anymore.

Teachers have had to relearn everything they were taught during their training, and through years of experience. Creative solutions to handle the situation have been invented, which are quite successful in many areas.

Effect of Pandemic on Third World Countries

However, not all educational institutes have been able to keep up. The somewhat smaller scales are still struggling to put their education systems online, owing to limited resources, further culled by the pandemic.

Also, lack of knowledge of using technology, especially in third world countries has led to some schools permanently closing down.

How Parents Responded

Many innovative parents have handled the situation by home-schooling their children, cutting down on both coasts, and risks to their children.

While there were many parents actively schooling their children at home before the pandemic hit as well, the sheer rise in their numbers is astonishing, to say the least.


In summary, online learning and home-schooling seem to have become a lifestyle in this pandemic, which many may not want to give up too soon.

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