Hotel Housekeeping Skills and Competencies for Resume

Updated July 2, 2022
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The skills and competencies section of a hotel housekeeper resume is your chance to showcase your expertise in specific areas.

The recruiters are interested in this section to get information about your potential.

Below are some examples of hotel housekeeping hard and soft skills for your resume.

Skills and Competencies for Hotel Housekeeping Resume

Hard Skills

• Well-versed in cleaning common areas and corridors
• Skilled in vacuuming and mopping carpeted and non-carpeted areas
• Proven skills in tile cleaning and buffing to retain the shine
• Proficient in replenishing washroom supplies including towels and soap etc.
• Functional knowledge of various cleaning chemicals used in the hotel industry
• Ability to use cleaning products carefully after reading instructions
• Adept at buffing and polishing silver parts of the furniture
• Demonstrated ability to maintain working relations with team members
• Special talent for washing and replacing bed linens and other bedding items
• Skilled in taking out the trash and disposing of the same in a safe manner
• Proven skills in cleaning the snow off walkways, and maintaining the path in neat and clean condition
• Track record of maintaining and using carts for cleaning purposes
• Expert in carrying out minor maintenance of rooms and washrooms
• Able to carry out room service and washroom cleaning according to OSHA guidelines
• Knowledge of the latest cleaning equipment handling and operations
• Ability to understand and meet the guests’ cleanliness and sanitization needs
• Adept at window glass and sill cleaning
• Excellent skills in carpet and sofa cleaning
• Experienced in supply inventory management and re-ordering of the same
• Able to clean and disinfect rooms and washrooms in minimal time according to the priorities of the guests
• Skilled in disinfecting and cleaning tables and countertops and other surfaces
• Competent in maintaining lobbies and waiting areas in a tidy condition
• Track record of delivering customer service-oriented housekeeping service
• Able to meet tight deadlines while maintaining the quality of work

Soft Skills

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Strong work ethic
• Good time management skills
• Track record of punctuality
• Strong attention to detail
• Strong team player
• Fluent in English and Spanish

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