Employment Specialist Objective & Summary

Updated on: March 8, 2019

A resume for an employment specialist position must never start without an objective or a summary.

Both these sections provide a way for hiring managers to gauge the applicant’s abilities as a possible employee.

Depending on what specific experience you have, you must choose at least one to grace the beginning of your resume.

As an employment specialist, you must highlight what your skills as an employment specialist are.

In an objective or a summary, you should emphasize your knowledge of interviewing, placing, and counseling employees.

Knowledge of community resources and support services must also be highlighted.

When writing an objective or a summary statement for an employment specialist resume, make sure that you focus on your capability of providing job development and job coaching services to individuals, depending on what specific work you are doing.

Here are some sample objectives (and corresponding summaries) for an employment specialist position:

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Employment Specialist Objective & Summary Examples

Objective: To work as an Employment Specialist at Ability Beyond by providing exceptional knowledge of interviewing, advising, and guiding a diverse population of clients. Exceptional knowledge of assessing clients’ education, work experience, and skills.

Summary: Highly experienced employment specialist, anticipating a position at Ability Beyond. Demonstrated expertise in providing one on one employment counseling to clients. Effectively able to discuss employment plans, based on clients’ employment goals. Competent in assisting clients in developing personalized and professional job application documents.

Objective: Seeking an Employment Specialist position at Benedictine, by employing demonstrated ability to oversee all hiring stages from sourcing to onboarding. Offering competencies in advertising open roles on various channels including job boards, and professional and social networks.

Summary: Employment specialist, with 10+ years of solid track record. Highly skilled in screening resumes and applications based on essential criteria. Effectively able to track key recruiting metrics such as time to hire and source of hire. Deeply familiar with reach out to potential candidates and build relationships for future job opportunities.

Objective: Looking for a position as an Employment Specialist at J. M. Murray Center. Eager to apply exceptionally well-placed abilities in evaluating and helping screen recruitment processes. Deep familiarity with monitoring job retention, and tracking recruit metrics.

Summary: Experienced employment specialist, with excellent skills in helping clients prepare for the workforce through education, training, and job readiness. Unmatched ability to handle needs assessments, mock interviews, career counseling, and referrals to education and training programs.

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