Best Degrees for 2019 Graduates

January 10, 2019

The degree that you choose today determines what career you will be able to take up 4 or 5 years from now.

So it is important to look towards the future to decide what you should be doing at this point in time.

Pick and choose your study path carefully.

But how does one know which path to take in 2019 or the next year so that you can pick up a truly rewarding career some years later?

The trick is to look for trends and determine what will work in the future.

If you have a futuristic view of the world, then you will probably be able to find out soon. If you are not, we can help you.

Best Degrees for 2019 Graduates


A degree in robotics is sure to win you a job in the near future. As the world sees it, technology will soon take over the world and human workforce will decrease significantly. While a sad prospect from some angles, this is where the dough is.

Imagine enrolling in a degree program in robotics and eventually creating service robots that will effectively meet the housekeeping and personal services needs of people of the future? If you are technically inclined, a degree in robotics is probably right down your ally.

Health Services

Degrees in medicine are the rage right now and will continue to be for as long as humans have health issues. Mortality rates are going up with advanced medicine and it is no wonder that people are looking for work in the health services industry.

Whether you want to be a doctor or a nursing professional, taking up a degree in this area will help you transition into the employment world effortlessly.

Occupational Therapy

Oh yes! The popularity of occupational therapy isn’t going anywhere soon. Growing elderly population and health problems associated with more and more desk jobs means more work for occupational therapists.

By all means, if you have an interest in this field, then obtain a degree in occupational therapy!

Environmental Engineering

Let’s face it – the world is going to pot! And there is no light at the end of the tunnel – at least not for the next 10 years or so. As an environmental engineer, you will have a definite job some years from now where you will be required to provide solutions to environmental problems.

Enroll in an environmental engineering degree now and a job will be guaranteed for you!

Financial Advisory

A degree in finance never goes to waste. With a huge part of the baby boomers population soon retiring, the need for financial management will increase.

If you enroll in a degree in finance now or next year, you can guarantee yourself a job as a financial advisor 5 years from now!

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