Lifeguards hold an important role whether they are working on a beach or at the poolside. They are live savers – literally! They are employed by spas and clubs as well as contractors on the beach to look out for the security of the swimmers in the area and to educate them about safety issues and other precautions. They supervise swimmers especially those who are new to swimming including children and employ preventative measures to avoid accidents and hazards.

Lifeguards are also expected to control unsavory behavior and ensure that anyone behaving in an unruly manner is brought to justice by following set policies and procedures. Since water is an unpredictable element, it is understood that accidents will happen which is one of the main reasons lifeguards are hired – to perform water rescue.

Lifeguards are trained swimmers but swimming is not the only thing that they are trained in. Lifeguards are expected to know both CPR and First Aid and have exceptional knowledge of various educational methods that will help with providing valuable swimming instructions to the swimmers under his care.

When being hired for this position, lifeguards are scrutinized very carefully as the right candidate needs to be vigilant and trained in every aspect of this work. An achievements based resume will get the attention of hiring manager right away. The following accomplishment statements will help you writing an achievement section of your resume.


Sample Achievements for a Lifeguard Resume

– Devised and implemented a complex tool that looks out for potential accidents and sounds a siren to alert the authorities

– Developed a set of emergency action plans and procedures for managing lifeguarding work more effectively

– Conducted several workshops on the water safety for the members of the Prenta Swimming Club

– Taught swimming to several diverse groups including children and young adults

– Wrote an article on lifesaving methods and procedures which included information on First Aid and CPR

– Saved a young adult from a potential shark attack by assessing the situation and physically lifting her from the water